Ecole Multimédia

Teaching a craft


UX Design / HMI Culture / Responsive & UI/UX Development Professor

Program Director / Faculty Advisor / UX Head of the Lab 201 / Jury Member

For 20 years, Ecole Multimédia has been teaching Graphic, Web, and Motion Design, and Web Development to the new generation of French Web Designers, Art Directors, Project Managers, and Developers.

Always on the edge of new trends and technology, Ecole Multimédia wanted to add UX Design to the building blocks of their recognized training. After greeting me as a Jury member of the 2013 Associate Art Directors Diploma, they gave me the opportunity, and honor, to become a full time UX Design, HMI Culture, Responsive Web Design, and UI/UX Development Professor. The very same year, I became a Faculty Advisor, and Program Director, and took the head of UX at the 201 Innovative Lab.

We decided to try a conference approach to teaching, which had a huge success and a great impact, leading students to excellent grades. We used minimal yet colorful design to maximize interaction with the classroom.


  • Sector / Type

    Education / Teaching materials / From scratch

  • UX Focus

    Entice students, Learning by mistakes, Bring the sciences into UX

  • Being exhaustive without being exhausting

    How to make the most of a week class?

  • 1st private college in France

    Leader in Web development, Graphic, Web, and Motion Design for 20 years

  • Local and national market

    Paris, France



Viollette Bonami, 22

Art Director
Continuing education

Comes every day, and attends 2 to 3 different disciplines a day, 3 to 4 hours each.

  1. Tasks

    Reviews materials from one class to another, use them to do her homework.

  2. Wants

    A deep understanding of the craft, and teaching materials she can refer to.

  3. Asks

    What is the Cognitive Load theory again?

Thierry Garreau, 26

Vocational education

Is an intern, comes every day for 4 months, and attends a multiple disciplines, including UX Design, for a full week, 7 hours a day.

  1. Tasks

    Learn the most usable knowledge possible in a week, and apply it to his every day workflow.

  2. Wants

    An understanding of UI/UX and Responsive Design, to become a better developer, and work better with the Design team.

  3. Asks

    Why this element in this design is so important?

Roland Leroux, 46

Project Manager
Block learning / Career change

Comes every day for 4 months, and attends a multiple disciplines, including UX Design, for a full week, 7 hours a day.

  1. Tasks

    Make sure he fully understands the nuts and bolts of his new job, and asks many questions about it.

  2. Wants

    A peer exchange with his teachers, and the necessary tools for his new career.

  3. Asks

    So this rule is about that, right?

Lesson Plans


Art Direction

Strong contrasts and Vivid colors

Far away from dull Powerpoints, and minimal design,strong contrasts and vivid colors captures and maintains attention through 3 to 4 hours of teaching. Every 2 topics, a complimentary color balances out the potential eye fatigue issue. Every slide displays essential information to engage students into a dialog.

The 5 Dimensions of Interaction Design, according to Bill Moggridge
Slide about the 5 dimensions of Interaction Design, according to Bill Moggridge - example of vivid colors and strong contrast used through the class

Hexagon and Mantra

Trend of 2013, hexagon shape owes his revival to the coworking spirit, that gained recognition amongst the industry since Responsive Web Design. Used here to reach a milestone, it as also a reminder of mantra design that becomes more and more intricate with achievement.

Progress pattern
Details of the calendar


A couple of patterns are in use across the slides to help instant recognition of a topic: violet and green + atom or Rorschach masks for UX methods, and Psychological theories, lime + axis and logs used for Maths, and ice blue + cog for tools and exercises, and so on...

Topic patterns
Details of topic pattern


3 to 4 hours of instruction, even with breaks, and vivid colors on a screen, is pretty long. Humor and jokes are used to keep students' attention, break the formality, and create a more casual atmosphere.

Joke about the burger menu
Joke about the responsive burger menu

Font pairing

In order to emphasize reaching milestones and making statements that will leave a mark on students' minds, we used Knockout, in its 28, 48, 68 weight. Knockout is a American sans serif that is great for headings. It is complimented by Sentinel the body text, and Verlag for annotations. All of them have been created by Hoeffler & Frere Jones, for

Specimens of Knockout 28, 48, and 68, Sentinel, and Verlag