Bridging wedding & album


UX/Art Director / Front-end Developer

Pixadilly, 2 years ahead off its market, is a web-based application that helps brides and grooms to plan their wedding and to gather all the pictures taken by the guests in a digital photo album. As a new innovative service, this incredible side-project adventure started from scratch.

Challenged by sexual orientation equality, as much as by strongly conventional market, we designed a classy and lasting experience. Yet, the company was bought out when the market took off.


  • Sector / Type

    Event planning - Social sharing / Landing page, web app / From scratch

  • UX Focus

    Sign up barrier, Decreasing anxiety, Prospective memory

  • Ahead of the market

    1st company to offer this service in France

  • Equal experience

    Sexual orientation was open

  • National market



Competitive analysis

New market and wedding-based colors

In 2010, the market just opened to this new segment. Pixadily has only 4 competitors: 2 direct (PhotoUnity, The Wedding Lens), and 2 indirect (Olapic, Shutterfly). Only one competitor is selling a wedding digital album as a website (The Wedding Lens). An other one is selling printed photo album (Shutterfly), and only one has the same offer (Olapic). However, direct competitors only use traditional wedding colors. Indirect competitors diversify their income by selling other printed material.

The volatility of this market led PhotoUnity to close early in 2012, followed by The Wedding Lens in the year after. Olapic switched to photo online marketing, and Shutterfly grew its wedding section into Wedding Paper Divas, a sub-brand of theirs. One reason for this were the high costs, and the development of publishing tools for creating one-page wedding websites.

  1. 25 Printed Photo Album
  2. 50 More diversified
  3. 25 Sell websites
  4. 50 Wedding colors
  5. 25 Exact same offer
Highlights of the market analysis regarding wedding album competitors, such as: Olapic, PhotoUnity, The Wedding Lens, Shutterfly.


Alfred Morin, 42


Developer by day, party animal by night, he is planning a big wedding soon. Not from the Facebook /social media generation, he has a more paper approach of the event.

  1. Tasks

    Connects to the app to select and manage the best pictures to make a photo album.

  2. Wants

    A tool for gathering in one place all the pictures taken of the event by all the guests.

  3. Asks

    Where did you send this picture? No, not that one, the one where...

Ellen Peterson, 37


Nurse devoted to her job, she is planning to marry "The One". She is thrilled, but getting a bit nervous lately with all the planning and repeating details to all the guests.

  1. Tasks

    Connects to the app to make sure everyone RSVPs and keeps in touch despite her busy schedule.

  2. Wants

    A tool for communicating updates to all the guests, or contacting one in particular.

  3. Asks

    How can I update details without having to call everyone?

Rachel K. Green, 37

Maid of honor

Nurse and Ellen's best friend, she is helping the best she can. Used to publishing pictures on Facebook, she admits it is maybe not the place to share such precious memories.

  1. Tasks

    Connects to the app, looks at updates, answers some emails, uploads pictures, and sees what people shared.

  2. Wants

    A digital album to remember her best friend's wedding.

  3. Asks

    How can I upload pictures and see what people shared?

User flows


Art Direction


As our competitive research showed, wedding websites tend to overuse Burgundy, Crimson, and Floral White color scheme. Moreover, red can be seen as a violent color in some religions. In order to convey memory sharing, and photo album, we proposed the use of shades of brown, from dark to old aged paper, balanced by a neutral cold greyish blue. A fresh dark turquoise, pink prune, and sand ocre, are accenting and constrasted these faded colors.

Color scheme
Pixadily Color scheme

Focus and bokeh

Wedding planning can be stressful. To stay focused and perform tasks with ease, we decided to narrow down the active colors and states that are visible on screen. Focus is also a remembrance of the photographic terminology. That is the reason why the background displays a bokeh: keeping track of what is important, and blurring disturbance in the background. The pattern strips are a reference to keeping tabs, as in a planner.

Menu and notifications
Details of menu and notifications

Marketing without annoyance

How to sell without being too intrusive, or disrupting the users tasks? By using another graphic pattern that is not in use the web app, such as glossy. The ribbon is a reminder of marketing strips you find in stores, and its glossy appearance and its high contrast draws attention and stays in to the users's mind without being distracting.

Pricing table
Details of the pricing table

Font pairing

In order to emphasize on storytelling and sharing memories, we used Museo. In its serif and sans serif version. Created in 2008 by Jos Buivenga, for Exljbris. Museo is a semi-serif typeface with lucid, open forms and highly original details (especially the pipe-like, bent half-serifs). Museo is great for cool-looking headlines but it is also very effective in medium-sized texts.

Specimens of Museo 500 and Museo Sans 500 fonts

Marriage equality leader

3 years before the same sex marriage law in France, Pixadily wanted to pave the way, and not to discriminate against anyone. We worked in the same direction, and provided room for anyone to share their story, whether they were celebrating their marriage, or their civil union. This initiative has been greatly welcomed by LGBT associations.

Search form and results
Pixadily search form and results